It Means Whirlwind

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First Day Back

Intro to Logic = hell on high water. Dissecting arguments with a professor who sounds like he likes to argue. Should be fun

Calculus = my very death. The one class I’m afraid of failing this semester.

Intro to Sociology = a joke, but an easy joke.

Popular Culture; Hip Hop = Pardon me? I signed up for Pop Culture without knowing this was about hip hop. Still, the professor sounds like a nice guy. He wrote this book.

See that book? I have to read it for the class. As does all the 128 students in that class. Easy way to make a book sell right? Make students your teaching read it? Fucker.

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Another gray morning dawns across an ashen sky.  Cloudless, the only thing in the sky is the vulture flying lazily overhead. Carrion craving, he perches on telephone wire, stalking, waiting. A rabbit dies in the middle of the road; the product of a reckless driver. The vulture glides down sharpening its talons across asphalt to devour. Feasting, another car comes and hits the vulture, killing it instantly.

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